Drive Electric Hawaii Initiative

Today we celebrate Hawaii’s 5,000th electric vehicle! Drive Electric Hawai‘i is a partnership made up of eight key stakeholder organizations that have agreed to collaborate on electrification of ground transportation in Hawai‘i as an essential part of achieving the state’s clean energy goals.  Drive Electric Hawai‘i will seek to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles and…

Nissan and KIUC Offering $10k Rebates

KIUC and Nissan partnered to offer $10,000 rebates on their LEAF electric vehicle Update: Rebate no longer available -- LEAFs out of stock. See full article at More info at KIUC’s offer

KIUC’s new solar storage plant

On March 31, visitors were able to tour Kauai Island Utility Cooperative's new Tesla solar storage facility, which hosts 55 acres of solar panels. Tesla Oahu also allowed visitors to experience their Tesla Model S and Model X at the event.

$10k rebate on Nissan LEAF extended

The $10,000 rebate on the 2017 Nissan Leaf has been extended until June 30th or until sold out. KIUC customers who take advantage of the offer will stand to save up to $17,500 with federal tax incentives. Nissan's 2017 model has a 107-mile range with a 30kWh battery and an 8-year/100K battery warranty. It's starting…

EV Talk Story

Hā Coffee Bar 4180 Rice St., Lihue, HI, United States

Come hang out at Hā Coffee Bar for talk story with EV owners! Do you have questions about electric vehicles? Which EV to buy? Charging Infrastructure? Electricity cost versus gas? Rebates? Tax credits? Local and state policy? EVs in the visitor industry?