Savings Estimator

Comparing Fuel Costs of an Electric Vehicle (EV) vs. a Gasoline Vehicle (GV)

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Instructions: plug in the info in the green boxes. Your savings and equivalent MPG are calculated (in blue).
Commute info (5X/wk, 50 wk/yr)
Daily round trip (mi) 30
Weekly round trip (mi) 150
KIUC cost info (Jan 2017)
Energy cost ($/kWh) 0.33
Avoided cost ($/kWh) 0.12 (price KIUC pays for PV energy from Sch Q customers)
Net Energy Metering (NEM) cost ($/kWh) 0.20 (price KIUC pays for PV energy from NEM customers)
Electric vehicle info
EV range (mi) 84 (default is for a 2013 Nissan Leaf)
EV battery energy (kWh) 24 (default is for a 2013 Nissan Leaf)
Gas vehicle info
Price of gas (Costco Jan 2017) ($/gal) 2.80
MPG of gas vehicle 25 (default is for a 2013 Honda Accord 3.5L)
Type of Vehicle Weekly commuting fuel cost ($) Annual commuting fuel cost ($) Annual savings with EV vs GV ($) Equivalent MPG
EV (costs, savings and equivalent MPG depend on your particular charging situation)
- 1. Free charging station at work 0 0 840.0000
- 2. Home PV* (Schedule Q) 5.1429 257.1429 582.8571 81.6667
- 3. Home PV* (NEM) 8.5714 428.5714 411.4286 49.0000
- 4. No home PV (KIUC rates) 14.1429 707.1429 132.8571 29.6970
Gas Vehicle 16.8000 840.0000 0 25
* The cost is the lost revenue by not selling your PV energy to KIUC and it is assumed that the home
PV system has sufficient capacity to charge the EV battery during daylight.
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